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Schedule a 1-1 class with your favorite tutor. Subscribe to premium and enjoy all the perks of online learning. 

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A bank of 3D models prepared for you to interact with and have fun while learning. 

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Get access to pre-prepared video courses provided by the tutor of your choice. 

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You can post a question and get it answered by our expert tutors with the use of our question bank. 


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Make a schedule with the tutor of your choice, based on your availability. 

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With the use of our 3D model bank, you can interact with your learning material and understand your topic on a deeper level. 


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Participate in our weekly challenges and receive Bonus Points to receive exciting rewards! 

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 We ensure progress in student’s life, therefore, you will receive follow-up sessions provided by our tutors to keep you with your progress.


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There are no language barriers in UniqMaster. Our tutors come from all over the world and have content in many different languages. 

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All of our instructors are experts in their fields of expertise and great in transferring their knowledge.


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