The 12 successful startups in the world and their revolutionary ideas

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The 12 successful startups in the world and their revolutionary ideas

What are the targeted ideas of successful startups in the world 2021?

With the rise of thousands of startups every year around the world, there are many of us thinking about how we can build a startup that is different from the other ones! In fact, coming to a new feasible idea that would be different from other ideas out there can be a little challenging! Well, we can see that today the world is transformed by the rise of many different startups! They are taking a great and bold presence in our life, affecting many different factors of our everyday routine! This is the reason that many startups have turned into big profitable companies today! Besides learning about the essential principles of building a startup, we can also learn about some of the successful startups in the world and get inspired by them. This inspiration will help us learn how to come up with different yet feasible ideas for our market! Here we will learn about some of the best startups and their innovative ideas.

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Successful startups in the world 2021
  • Successful e-commerce startups in the world 2021
  • Successful healthcare startups in the world 2021
  • Successful AI startups in the world 2021!
  • Successful tech startups in the world 2021
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Did you know?

Among the successful startups in the world, most of them are in the field of e-commerce. The second and third most populous industries that startups operate in are healthcare and artificial intelligence respectively!

Successful startups in the world 2021

Even though the failure rate for startups is very high, but their number is increasing every year. Especially from the year 2020 and on we are seeing more and more start-up businesses being established all around the world due to the covid-19 pandemic. There are many start-ups that have started with ideas that were once a dream but have transformed into successful startups in the world in 2021. Here I have introduced the top startups of 2021 in e-commerce, healthcare, and the artificial intelligence and tech industries.

Successful e-commerce startups in the world 2021

E-commerce startups make the biggest sector in the world of startups. Many start-up businesses operate in this industry. All those start-up businesses that sell products/services directly to the customers are known to be e-commerce startups. This includes all those online shopping places that customers buy their desired goods or services on! Examples of successful e-commerce startups in the world include:

successful startups 2021

  1. Cazoo
I start the startup list with Cazoo, a British startup founded by Alex Chesterman in 2018! Cazoo is one of the successful e-commerce startups in the world in 2021 that is headquartered in London, England. This start-up business is an online marketplace to buy new or used cars. It allows customers to choose different types of payments when they want to buy their desired product. They can buy a used car by paying the whole amount or by finance, paying a deposit and then pay on a monthly basis. They can also buy a new car on this platform by paying the whole amount or by subscription, which Cazoo will cover the tax, insurance, services, and everything else but the customer should pay on a monthly basis for up to 36 months! This company will deliver the car to the customers within 72 hours, meaning the only thing the customers need to do is to order online. There is also the possibility of returning the car for no exchange! There is also the possibility of selling cars on this platform! Cazoo is in fact one of the best startups of 2021!
  1. Bloomscape
Bloomscape is another successful e-commerce startup in the world that was founded in 2017 by Justin Mast in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. With 5 generations of experience in horticulture, Justin Mast launched its online platform, which enables customers to purchase the plants they like online with everything it needs from the soil to its vase and receive at their doorstep. One of the greatest competitive advantages they have is that they deliver the plant directly from the greenhouse to customers’ homes. Bloomscape also provides after-sale services to their customers’ by giving essential information about plant care to whoever needs it. Bloomscape team has made another top startup of 2021!
  1. Wheels
Wheels is the name of a start-up business found by two brothers called Jonathan Viner and Joshua Viner in 2019! These two brothers have also another startup in their records, founding a startup called Wag back in 2015. Wheels is an online platform that provides micro-mobility vehicles to its users. These vehicles are an innovative hybrid of scooters and bicycles, resulting in a lightweight electric vehicle that is easy to use and it comes with a safety helmet. Customers can find these vehicles throughout the city and start using them by renting them online through the platform. With its revolutionary idea, Wheels has become one of the successful startups in the world that is operating in different cities of the United States of America as well as Stockholm, Sweden.

Successful healthcare startups in the world 2021

Healthcare startups are the type of start-up businesses that function in fields that are related to the overall health of people. Any type of product or service in the healthcare and science industry that is provided in an innovative way to the customers is considered to be a healthcare startup! So what are some of the successful healthcare startups of the world on our list?

top startups 2021

This start-up business was found in 2018 by Richie Etwaru in the United States of America. Hu-manity is an online platform that allows its users to sell their medical data to those companies that are looking to study people’s medical data. This platform allows companies in big pharma to collect useful information from people. In fact, this platform acts as a third party between people who are willing to sell their medical data and big pharma researchers that use them in their studies or medical trials. This platform uses artificial intelligence in order to collect, read, recognize, compare and provide the data needed by big pharma! is one of the successful healthcare startups in the world in 2021!
  1. Nuvoair
One of the top startups of 2021 in the healthcare segment is Nuvoair, founded by Lorenzo Consoli in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2016. This start-up business is all about the respiratory system. It provides a device called “Air Next Spirometer”, a spirometer that connects to smartphones, to customers’ that will allow them to understand their lungs’ health. This device connected to the Nuvoair platform will track and record the overall health of people’s lungs and provides information based on accurate data to the users themself as well as their doctors! Nuvoair, another successful healthcare startup in the world.
  1. Zenyum
Zenyum, a startup that wants everyone to smile! This company was founded by Julian Artope and Frederick Krass in 2018. This startup is based in Singapore, focusing on teeth care. They make a type of innovative braces called invisible braces for their customers based on their face orientation. Unlike the old and traditional braces, as its name suggests, invisible braces are not visible; yet they will do the same job as normal braces. Besides invisible braces, this company provides other products for teeth care such as floss, freshener, and toothpaste to its customers. Zenyum works with top dentists, so its products should be of good quality. I can say another top startup of 2021 among the successful healthcare startups of the world is Zenyum!
Did you know?

The highest valued start-up company in the world with about 140 billion US dollars is ByteDance, an AI startup company.


Successful AI startups in the world 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a system used in different machines or platforms that are programmed to think like humans. AI is a branch of computer science that acts like natural intelligence, just like humans or animals, performing certain actions due to different information collected from its environment. In fact, it gathers certain data and learns from them in order to provide outputs according to those input data! Today the AI topic is one of the hottest topics in the world that many industries and big companies are using it. It is in fact a concept of the future! Any start-up business that uses artificial intelligence in its products/services for customers is known to be an AI startup. Here are some of the successful AI startups in the world of 2021:

best startups 2021

  1. was founded in 2017 by Akash Singh, Swapnil Jain, and Sharath Keshava Narayana. This company is headquartered in San Fransisco, California, U.S.A. provides machine learning and artificial intelligence systems to its customers to help them track and monitor their call centers. In other words, this start-up business helps the call centers of other businesses by providing a call assistant that would help both the customers and call agents. This system monitors and tracks customer interactions completely, increasing the workflow of customer services for other businesses. In fact, this system can cause an increase in sales with each call made to the call center! By having big investors like Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partners, Scale Venture Partners as well as others, it is indeed among one of the most successful AI startups in the world!
  1. Spacemaker
Spacemaker AI was founded by Havard Haukeland and Carl Christensen in 2016. This startup mainly operates in Nordic Countries as well as the US. This company has focused on the construction and architectural industry. It provides an AI system to its customers that would help them in city planning as well as planning for the best suitable architectural designs. The system that they provide gathers the information of building sites and gives detailed statistics about them to the users in the fastest time possible. This enables the users to find the best and most eco-friendly designs in the fastest possible time! Without a doubt, Spacemaker is another successful AI startup in the world in 2021!
Do not make a mistake, this is not about the movie “Argo”, it is another best startup of 2021 under the category of artificial intelligence!, which is headquartered in Pennsylvania – US, was founded by Bryan Salesky and Bryan Rander in 2016. This company makes the systems for self-driving cars, both hardware and software. In fact, it uses artificial intelligence for its self-driving system technologies. With two major investors, Volkswagen Group and Ford Motor, it is indeed among the top successful AI startups in the world!

Successful tech startups in the world 2021

All of those start-up businesses that function in the field of technology, from making and innovating new technologies to providing the existing technologies in new ways for customers are considered tech startups! The technology itself has different branches in the business including:
  • Fintech (financial related technology)
  • Edtech (technology related to education)
  • Foodtech (food-related technology)
  • Etc.
In the following, we will learn about some of the successful tech startups of 2021 in the world:

successful startups 2021

  1. Remitr
A start-up company based in Toronto, Canada that was founded by Kanchan Kumar and Sandeep Todi in 2016. Remitr is a fintech startup that uses technology to provide better and faster business payments. It actually provides a finer alternative way to other methods of business payments such as wire transfer and cheque payments! Remitr holds the position of one of the successful tech startups in the world.
  1. AirGarage
AirGarage, with its revolutionary ideas, was founded in 2018 by Chelsea Border, Jonathan Barkl and Scott Fitsimones. They provide an app that connects the parking owners to people who search for free space in parking lots at different locations. They have used the technology to make things like managing parking lots, collecting parking payments as well as finding free spaces to park a lot easier. This company with its brilliant idea is indeed one of the most successful tech startups in the world in 2021!
  1. Hopin
Hopin, founded by Johnny Boufarhat in 2019, is one of the best startups of 2021. This company has created a platform that enables its users to perform online events on it with every tool they need. Users can perform virtual events, meetings, or conferences with up to 100,000 people being able to join. Our list of successful startups in the world ends with Hopin, one of the successful tech startups of 2021!

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The world is changing every day. With the unlimited demands of humans and the changes made with them, innovations and developments are made throughout the world. These developments are made into many different areas such as technology, trends and businesses. Startups play a major role in transforming humans’ demands and ways of living. Startups make great impacts in the world, causing the disruption of many traditional systems. On the other hand, they are highly affected by the people’s needs and demands as well as their environment, resulting in a multilateral impact! Indeed, stepping into the world of startups can be so advantageous. But this can only happen if we understand the principles of startups right and gain the knowledge for starting and managing them. Here we can learn about the 12 successful startups in the world in 2021, operating in different industries, and learn about the pain points they have targeted and provided a solution for. This can guide us on how to come up with revolutionary ideas for our own start-up business!

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