Inspiring women entrepreneurs that have changed the “men’s world”!

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Inspiring women entrepreneurs that have changed the “men’s world”!

The 5 inspiring women entrepreneurs!

When there are discussions about the world of business and entrepreneurship, we often hear and use the word “businessman”. It is so common to give a masculine reference to anything, especially when we are discussing entrepreneurial topics. It is as if it is the men’s world! However, throughout history, there were many influential women that have done significant activities from receiving a Nobel Prize in the 20th century, serving in the armed forces (mid-20th century) to the first female chancellor and many other great positions in different areas! The stories of many successful women who have reached high positions in many different fields such as politics, biotechnology, management, and entrepreneurship have made a great source of inspiration for many other women to step into the society and do great things, changing the “men’s world”. The brief stories of 5 inspiring women entrepreneurs will let us know what great female entrepreneurs we have in the world as well as teaching us how to endure the difficulties and limitations of the path to entrepreneurship!

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5 inspiring women entrepreneurs!
  • Eliza Lucas Pinckney
  • Madam C.J walker
  • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Anousheh Ansari
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Did you know?

There were more than 252 million female entrepreneurs worldwide as of the year 2019!

5 inspiring women entrepreneurs!

Before the 21st century, the number of successful women was so much less compared to successful men. However, since the beginning of the new millennium the number of successful women has increased and today we can learn so many lessons from their stories, no matter if we are men or women! To step into the path to entrepreneurship, besides learning about entrepreneurship training, you can learn many lessons from other successful entrepreneurs’ paths too. So here you will learn about the 5 inspiring women entrepreneurs and their stories. Their stories can be a great source of inspiration for stepping into the world of business and succeeding.

Eliza Lucas Pinckney

5 Inspiring female entrepreneurs

To introduce the 5 influential women of history, I will start the list with Eliza Lucas Pinckney, who is known to be the first female entrepreneur. Even though there may be many more female entrepreneurs before her throughout history, but their information is not recorded much anywhere! Eliza Lucas, one of the first inspiring women entrepreneurs, was an American entrepreneur born in 1722. She studied music and french language when she was sent to London by his parents. However, she was interested in phytology. It was about the beginning of the 1740s that Eliza became responsible for the family’s plantations, due to the death of her mother along with his father’s remoteness because of his job. As her father sent him different types of seeds, she began her plantations and experiments. The focus of her experiments was the Indigo plant. She tested its plantations in different climate and soil conditions. After 3 years of failures, with the help of an African expert, she succeeded to grow the Indigo plant. At that time the textile industry used indigo plants for making dyes. With being successful in growing indigo, Eliza succeeded in making profits by entering the indigo dye market, which between the years 1745-1748 the volume of exporting indigo dye increased from about 2,000kg to approximately 60,000kg. It was the mid-18th century when one of the early inspiring female entrepreneurs was born!

Madam C.J Walker

Influential women

Madam C.J Walker is considered to be the first self-made businesswoman in America, which is recorded in the Guinness World Records. She is one of the most influential females of history that has started the path to entrepreneurship for women in the early 1900s. She was an African-American entrepreneur and activist that was born in the late 1860s. With only a small amount of education, she began to work as a domestic servant at the age of 10, when 3 years prior to that she became an orphan as a result of losing her father and mother! A few years after that she started to work as a laundry woman (taking in laundry and washing them) for about 1 dollar per day! She learned about hair care from her brothers who were barbers in St. Louis. A couple of years after that she became a selling agent for an African-American hair care entrepreneur. Madam C.J had some scalp ailments due to different reasons, as a result, she started her own hair care and cosmetics business in 1905! In fact, she used her knowledge mixed with the skills she learned while working for a haircare entrepreneur, to solve a problem that many people had, including herself (scalp ailments)! This is where one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs stepped into her path to success and became a self-made millionaire!

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The 5 inspiring women

She is one of the most significant and influential women of India. She was born in 1953 in Bangalore. She studied in the field of Zoology at Bangalore University for her bachelor’s degree, and after that, she was sent to Australia to study fermentation science (brewing and malting) as his father suggested. At that time it was so rare for women to work as a brew master. When she was studying for her major, she was the only girl in her class. After graduation, even though it was so rare, but she started working in the same field (breweries) for about 2 years (1977). Because of the opportunity she found in India, she wanted to go back to her country and work there as a brew master, but she couldn’t find a job as the people over there believed it was “a man’s work”.  Kiran Mazumdar finally found a job in her field in Scotland, but before moving there she met the founder of Biocon Biochemicals Limited (Ireland). This was the time that a new inspiring women entrepreneur was stepping into her path to entrepreneurship! The founder of Biocon was looking for a partner for her business’ subsidiary in India. Kiran Mazumdar started being trained at the Biocon (in Ireland) to get familiar with the business and after that, she went back to India to start Biocon (India). She first started it in the garage of her rented house. At first, she was challenged by funding problems for her company. Even though she was partnered with Biocon’s founder, but she owned 70% of Biocon India due to some legal reasons of India back in time! After overcoming all those challenges, she made her company the biggest biopharma company in India. Kiran Mazumdar is another significant inspiring women entrepreneur of the world, known to be one of the richest women of India!
Did you know?

Kiran Mazumdar was announced to be the 68th most powerful woman in the world, by Forbes (2019)!

Oprah Winfrey

Notable female entrepreneurs

Sometimes ranked as the most influential woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, is one of the most well-known female entrepreneurs among many people! Oprah Winfrey was born to a single mother in poverty in the mid-20th century. She had a hard childhood until she was sent to live with her father and started to work in radio along with studying in high school. Soon she improved in hosting local evening news followed by making improvements in a talk show in Chicago! After consecutive successes in different tv shows, she started her own production company. She produced and hosted one of the world’s highest-ranking tv-shows, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, for 25 years. She has also established her own tv channel in 2008! Today she is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs along with being one of the wealthiest African-Americans in the whole world.

Anousheh Ansari

Top 5 inspiring women entrepreneurs

From the 1979’s revolution to the first female space tourist! Anousheh Ansari is an Iranian female entrepreneur born in Mashhad, Iran. She immigrated to the United States after the 1979’s revolution of Iran, in the mid-1980s! She studied at George Mason and George Washington universities for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Her master’s degree was in computer science, which soon after her graduation it made her able to work at a telecommunication company called MCI. This was where she met her husband, Hamid Ansari, with which together with her brother-in-law, they founded the Telecom Technologies Company! A few years after establishing their company, Telecom Technologies shares were acquired by another company. Soon after that Anousheh Ansari co-founded a technology company called Prodea Systems with her family. Today, she is the CEO and chairwoman of that company as well as being the CEO of Xprize Foundation. Anousheh Ansari is one of the most inspiring Iranian women entrepreneurs that is internationally known.
Did you know?

Anousheh Ansari holds the title of the first female “space tourist” as well as being the 4th person ever to be a “space tourist”! In case you are not familiar with, “space tourist” is a person that travels to space self-funded for recreational purposes.

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Throughout history, there were notable people who have done so many great things that eventually have changed the way we live today. Even though many of those people were men, but we’ve had great women that have done so many great things in the world including opening the way for female entrepreneurship! When we look back at history the number of female entrepreneurs is so much smaller compared to men! However, today we are living in a century that the number of businesswomen is successively increasing, changing the “men’s world”! It was much harder for women to be a part of society and do the things that men could do, especially before the 21st century. As a result, inspiring women entrepreneurs can be good examples of being strong and overcome the challenges on the path to success. Here you can learn about 5 influential women that turned into notable entrepreneurs and take the lessons from their lives in order to learn how to enter the path to entrepreneurship and succeed! Together with the information about great entrepreneurs, you can learn the essential knowledge and skills for starting your own business and being the next successful entrepreneur!

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