How to become an entrepreneur guide!

how to become an entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur guide!

How to become an entrepreneur guide!

If you ever thought about how to become an entrepreneur, you may have imagined that a typical entrepreneur would’ve sat beside a pool in one of those astonishing houses in Santorini with their family without much stress about money, as they are having a great business that is running to bring money to their pockets without having to work hard for it. That may be one of the common pictures of an entrepreneur’s life that attracts many people to enter the world of entrepreneurship. However, I should say that even if this picture is true about an entrepreneur, it is not a permanent lifestyle for them. Many entrepreneurs have struggled to face many difficulties on their path to success. And even when they have succeeded in the world of entrepreneurship, they are always threatened by threats and risks. Well, this is the world of business and to be a successful entrepreneur, everyone needs to work hard and get prepared to face those threats. The path to entrepreneurship along with being a successful entrepreneur is not easy as vacationing with the family by knowing that the business itself brings the money to your pocket, it is a path full of risks and difficulties that you should get prepared for as well as learning how to manage risks and problems. Well, follow this blog to get the essential guides about entrepreneurship training and how to become an entrepreneur to succeed in this path! 

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How to become an entrepreneur, initial step!
  • Different types of entrepreneurs
How to become an entrepreneur, next steps!
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How to become an entrepreneur, first step!

how to become an entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur may be a hard lesson to learn as it needs guides and experiences, however, it is a highly rewarding lesson once you learn. Being an entrepreneur is advantageous in many aspects. You will be your own boss, you will control your own time, the more you work hard and improve the more your business improves and pays off, and the sweetest part is that you can make much more money than working for somebody else! But there are some points that you should bear in your mind, to become your own boss you need to learn the essential skills and build up related experiences; to control your own time, you need to put more than average time and effort to nurture your business to a stable point; finally, to improve your business and make more money, you need to work hard and learn how to manage your business! The core lesson in entrepreneurship training and how to become an entrepreneur is to work on and prepare yourself for stepping into the path of entrepreneurship and tolerate the struggle you’ll face. To get yourself prepared for entrepreneurship you can start by learning about the character and traits of successful entrepreneurs along with different types of entrepreneurs.

Different types of entrepreneurs

One of the very first things to consider when trying to become an entrepreneur is to consider which type of entrepreneurship you’re going to choose. To understand which path you should consider for your path to entrepreneurship, you should learn about different types of entrepreneurs. Here are some of the main types of entrepreneurs:
  1. Innovative entrepreneurs: These entrepreneurs are those people that invent new goods or services or provide them with innovations. This type is usually the most common type of entrepreneurs that we all know about.
  2. Scalable startup entrepreneurs: Think about google and Uber, they are both examples of scalable startup entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs bring up completely new ideas with high potential growth that’ll make changes in people’s lives. The change that they make involves everything from A to Z, from the creation of the product to its consumption. 
  3. Small business entrepreneurs: The local restaurant or coffee store in your district, both suit this type of entrepreneurship. This type of entrepreneurs are those people who run a small business that would serve a smaller segment of the market. Small business entrepreneurs would not face as many problems as other types of entrepreneurs but instead, they’ll make less profits. However, to be a successful small business entrepreneur you need to know about entrepreneurship training and learn how to become an entrepreneur too!
  4. Social entrepreneurs: This type focuses on society’s problems and provides products/services that can solve those problems. The main objective for these people is creating solutions for available problems, as a result, many of them are nonprofit organizations.
  5. Imitator entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs that fall in this type are those who make some modifications to the ideas and products/services that are already on the market. In other words, they start to produce the same products/services that other entrepreneurs provide to the market with slight changes that result in improvements of those ideas. 

Entrepreneurship training

Learning about the characterisitics of entrepreneurs can also help us better understand how to be an entrepreneur! You can learn about their traits here: 9 characteristics of entrepreneurs!
Did you know?

The majority of entrepreneurs are placed in the group of imitators. In fact, they are the ones who increase the competition in the market, resulting in the elimination of the defects available in certain products/services!

How to become an entrepreneur, next steps!

In the first steps of how to become an entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to develop entrepreneurial traits in yourself as well as learning which type of entrepreneur you are willing to be. After these, there are some other steps to consider to step into the path to entrepreneurship. 
  • Successful Entrepreneurial Ideas

The next step of how to become an entrepreneur is coming up with business ideas. If you are reading this blog you have already thought about being an entrepreneur, so you may have thought about several ideas too. But we should remember that the ideas we think about should be linked to a problem in the market. To be clearer, you need to come up with ideas that will be a solution to people’s problems in the market. This is done by doing a good market research as well as interviewing people from your aimed market. When you spot several problems in the market and bring up solutions to them, you’ll have several successful entrepreneurial ideas. To choose which one to go with you can place yourself as your customer and check which idea you’d like more to spend money on; this would be the one that you should go for! 
  • Check if it is a Feasible Successful Entrepreneurial Idea!

The next step in how to become an entrepreneur is to check if your solution is a successful entrepreneurial idea for sure! Here you should make an MVP (minimum viable product) of your product or idea and provide it to your target market in order to check whether they are interested in it or not, are they willing to buy it or not, or even what are their feedback on it. In this way, you will understand how feasible and successful your entrepreneurial idea is!
  • Network, Network, Network!

After knowing your entrepreneurship type, target market, successful entrepreneurial idea along with its feasibility, it is time for making connections with different people in your industry. This is one of the effective steps in how to become an entrepreneur as we need to have a good network of people, from investors to mentors and talented people, in order to get our business running.
  • Initial Capital…

Here you should plan your initial expenses for starting your business and gather the initial capital needed to cover them. In this step, an entrepreneur usually does not need investors to invest in their business. Instead, they either start solo with their own money as initial capital or with 1 or more co-founder(s) as a partnership for the initial capital!
  • Building up Entrepreneurial Skills

Another important point to be considered in how to be an entrepreneur is to build up a set of related skills. An entrepreneur needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset and start with the ability to do several tasks by himself, especially on the first days, as well as the ability to manage their employees’ tasks. To be able to do these tasks we need to learn about entrepreneurship training and skills.
  • A Newborn Entrepreneur!

At this stage of how to become an entrepreneur, you are ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship and become a new entrepreneur. Here you’ll start your business with every initial step needed, from locating your business and hiring employees to all the legal works that has to be done. Finally, here you are, a newborn entrepreneur!

How to become an entrepreneur

Did you know:

The word entrepreneurship is derived from the French word (entreprendre) meaning “to undertake” and first appeared in a French dictionary in the early 16th century!

Entrepreneurship did not have a definite meaning until a few centuries ago. It was in the 18th century that this phenomenon was introduced by Richard Cantillon, an 18th-century French-Irish economist, in his essay entitled “Economic Theory of Entrepreneurship”!

Blog at a glance

The world of entrepreneurship is so much interesting and attractive for many of us, however, the path to it can be so difficult. Almost all those entrepreneurs who have left their jobs to be an entrepreneur, do not want to go back to their previous jobs. But the real question where should we start? How should we become an entrepreneur? Well, to answer these questions you’ll need to learn how similar your character is to an entrepreneur, what type of entrepreneurship you prefer as well as learning essential entrepreneurship training. Who knows, you may be the next popular successful entrepreneur who would live his/her dream!

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