UniqMaster is an all-device accessible e-learning platform. Our goal is to help individuals without business backgrounds or nascent entrepreneurs feel confident about their ideas, abilities and be prepared to join an accelerator program.

Who We Are ?

Our goal is to give equal opportunity and knowledge to all individuals interested in entrepreneurship. To start your dream business, you do not need to have an impressive idea or a team of experts; all you need is vision, passion for learning new concepts, and support from those who are experts and believe in you. UniqMaster brings all you need to start your business/start-up into one platform. We bring mentors, courses, and external useful resources in one place to guide you step by step. If you have no/little business background and network, you are at the right place! If you have a business idea but you do not know how to start, you are at the right place too! You do not have a business idea? It is fine! We help you come up with one! We believe, only having a great idea will not make a sustainable business. What makes an idea into a successful business are hard-working team, great strategies, and execution.

Our Vision


Opportunity: we believe taking the right opportunity when it presents itself is a crucial step in achieving your goals. We aim to make those opportunities tangible for you


Strong Interconnected Network: we provide you with the right network to ease your entrepreneurship journey. Your success is our focus.


Making Your Dream a Reality: UniqMaster’s community provides you with all the resources and tools required to build your dream business.

Our Team


Mobina Sharifi

Founder and CEO

She has experience in managing and leading teams. Her experience in online teaching has been helping ... to understand students’ and teachers’ needs from an E-learning and LMS platform better. Mobina has been working on UniqMaster since November 2019 as she wants to close the gap in the market and make entrepreneurial education accessible equally to everyone.


Ali Arshadi


He has experience in managing teams for 5 years. He is the co-founder of Rizoweb.com and Rizogame.com.... Ali joined the UniqMaster team as he keens on building something for his own to utilize his creativity and talent.


Farzam Rezaei


Master of Computer Science, with 5 years of experience in computer programming. He was the CTO of multiple ... development teams. He is an expert in the back-end. He is the co-founder of Rizoweb.com and Rizogame.com. Farzam joined the UniqMaster team because he aims to work on a meaningful startup idea to grow as the startup grows.


Hirad Moosavi


He has a degree in IT engineering, and is an SEO expert with 5 years of experience. He has been working on many different... projects as a freelancer.