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You can discover the right path to entrepreneurship and the essential steps needed for setting up your own business with UniqMaster!

Developing ideas and setting up goals


Recognizing the target audience


Planning for future and reaching goals


Building up a talented team, finding co-founders


Minimum viable product (MVP)


Branding and design


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UniqMaster Features

For the ease of our users, we integrated E-learning with a learning management system (LMS).
Have your best teaching and learning experiences with UniqMaster!

Teacher Dashboard
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Our Solutions, Your Advantages

Unique Dashboard

You will have your private dashboard, including all the educational contents like assignments and quizzes arranged in a simple and easy to use way which is accessible 24/7.

Professional Consultation

You can also get consultations from unique consultants of UniqMaster.Our consultants include professional professors, experienced entrepreneurs and expert mentors.

Structured Contents

UniqMaster provides structured learning contents in a way that you can easily choose your desired course level. The courses are arranged from basic all they up to the advanced level.

Guided Learning Path

The courses in UniqMaster are arranged in a way that you won’t get confused, as we guide you throughout the learning path, making sure you won’t miss out on anything.

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If you have any proficiency or expertise in a specific field and you are ready to share it with others you can join UniqMaster and earn income for yourself, regardless of time and place! you will also have the supportive team of UniqMaster in order to create your educational contents with ease. By being a tutor you will not only be able to earn money but you will gain more experiences, both in the field you are teaching and in the field of being a tutor! Join UniqMaster master today!

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